This page is where we display and promote our favourite artist from across the UK, whatever genre, message, look, style if we like them we promote them. You'll find here some larger names and some people you will never of heard of but one thing we love here at Streetscape Apparel is bringing you the best up-and-coming music from around the country!


Tom Layer - Singer/Songwriter:

Hi I'm Tom Layer and i'm 17. I've been playing guitar for just over a year now and been doing small gigs in pubs and bars since August 2012. I have a tour later this going through Plymouth, Bristol, Southampton and London so make sure you check me out on twitter and Facebook for more info!


Rascals - Rap/Grime

Rascals biggest track as yet has set them up for big things, with their track "Fire Blaze" being remixed on their new EP by some of the countries biggest names in Rap and Grime including Professor Green, Scrufizzer, Dot Rotten and Amplify Dot this track has put them on the path for big things! The EP called "Fire Blaze (Remixes)" is available on iTunes for £1.99 for 6 remixes of the original which is in the links below. Keep and eye on these four guys, they're going to be huge!


Urban Hippies - Reggae/Urban

GreenCloud (Joe, 28) and Eros (Phil, 21) are two music lovers from Kent, who have taken influence from form their favourite funk, soul and hip hop artists and used these forms to express their own feelings on life in modern British society. Their lyrics are social and political observations; a mix of liberality of reggae, and the rawness of urban music. Disheartened by certain aspects of modern rap and chart music, they began to make their own songs with an emphasis on meaningful lyrics. while addressing current issues that their listeners can directly relate to.


Elizabeth Sempa - Singer/Songwriter:

Elizabeth Sempa, 17, is a new singer/songwriter from South-East London. Playing classical piano since she was 7, she initially started writing and composing at the age of 14, and released her first two songs 'On These Hills' and 'Epiphany' 3 years later. Being crowned 'Soundclouder of the day' in March 2013, she gained over 130,000 followers and Soundcloud describes her music as 'Hypnotic soulful pop.' Elizabeth's influences range from a large span of genres, from acid jazz to hip hop experimental, her favourite bands include Jamiroquai, The Killers and Quadron, whilst her favourite artists are Paolo Nutini, Erykah Badu, Ghostpoet and many more. Elizabeth writes metaphorically and simply about her eyes opening up to societies way of thinking and is inspired by mostly other people's life situations. She likes to describe her music as an expression or just a feeling. Her first EP 'Indirect Thoughts' shall be released at the end of July, with exciting new upcoming video releases coming out very soon.


Roena Laurice - Soul/ Hip Hop

Roena Laurice is a singer/songwriter from South London, influenced by soul, hip hop, jazz and some electronic frequencies. Inspired by everything above and below her, her writings sketch themselves neatly around the sounds she blesses. Often referred to as a "Lover of beats" you can catch her seducing your ears on mics around London. Stay tuned for more melodic miracles from Roena.


Black Forest Ghetto - Funk/Electropop

At the mount of Fuji, 6 eternal friends came together with a shared vision: to open the galaxy's mind to music that leaves you with no choice but to move you feet. Shaped by the fores of Bobby Brown, Prince, Michael Jackson and other cosmic gods. This interstellar group of genre warping musicians launched forth on a quest to create foot tapping, heart breaking and groove making sensation to blow your mind. Equipped with boundless talent, years o f practice and the purest NGT, these dashing rouges set out to change the show at a time. If you're looking to express yourself through non-stop dance, then take a of their New-Jack elixir, it's bound to fix you.


Suli Breaks - Spoken Word

After leaving the University of Sheffield with few more job prospects than when he started, Suli Breaks' pursued a career in poetry, fueled by disbelief in our current formal education system. Starting out in university competitions and in newspaper columns, he has gradually built a strong following of online and personal fans, of all ages and backgrounds. His YouTube channel, as well as seperate venture "The University of Suli Breaks", balances funny with informative, and tackles many of today's toughest issues - education, racism as well as providing insight into the artists own personal life. He rose to the international spotlight with his offering "Why I Hate School But Love Education", which seemed like a breakthrough. Even on top of past BBC 1 coverage, competition success, American blog love and a DVD last year, the 2 million people that have viewed it so far are evidence, as are the thousands of grateful comments. The video took the internet by storm leading to international coverage in both the Huffington and Washington Post.

Suli has been hailed by many high-profile people (in particular the Co-Founder of the popular American Def Poetry Jam show, Bruce George) to be a poetry pioneer of the new school as well as constantly being considered to be in the upper echelon of the current generation of poets taking the world by storm.

His debut EP "The Dormroom" which which be available for  free download in July is what he claims to be "what i wish i could of heard during my time in the dormroom"

Much like he predecessors Shakespeare, Bob Marley, Tupac, Michael Jackson, Picasso, Einstein, Ghandi and many more. Suli Breaks touches the world through art and creative thought. His words are refreshingly accessible. He tells his stories in the everyman's tongue. His message should resonate whoever you are, wherever in the world.